The team is growing

It is so exciting to see how our team, that started with the Haenel and Nsengiyumva couples, is growing.

We have Protogene with us, who is one of Vitals longest and best friends. He also grew up in Magu, and shares the same burden for the people there. He is now a very succesful photographer in Kigali and provides us with most of the fotos you find on this website. He is in charge of everything that is related with money.

Then there is Remy, also a very dear friend of Vital, that he got to know through a compassion program during university time in Kigali. His passion for the young generation is incredible. He is especially passionate of seeing the community awakened, taking resposibilty for their lifes and being changed by the love of God. He together with Jessica is responsible for the coordination of educational programs.

Thierry, also a friend of Vital that he got to know through the same compassion project, is our architect, and he is one of the best. He is very concerned about the details, and makes sure things are going to work

out the way they should.

Uwe is a friend that we got to know through our church in Stuttgart. He has a lot of experience in equipping buildings with solarpannels in West Africa. So he is in charge of the solarpannel system.

Besides the people that are in our core team, there are many more who are supporting us with ideas, advice, knowledge, time, skills and money. And we are so very thankful for that.

If you are also excited about what is happening and feel like you want to be part of this, please don‘t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Dorrit Nsengiyumva

June 27, 2022

a big milestone - completion of the building
The vision for the school
The team is growing





Thankful for:

  • first curriculums are developed
  • building is finished
  • equipment is waiting
  • money is coming in

What's next:

  • starting the school
  • hiring teachers that are dedicated to God and Magu
  • becoming an officially registrated NGO in Rwanda



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