Channels of Hope

equipping communities through education

Magu - a short introduction

When you leave the big, beautiful and very developed capital Kigali towards the east, the main road leads you through banana plantations and fields. You start driving through the green and very beautiful "country of a thousand hills“.

How everything started...

It was in 2010 when Vital, still a student, without knowing he would one day study and eventually work in Germany, felt a deep burden for the village where he was born and grew up: Magu.

Why just helping might not be helpful

From the very beginning of Equip Magu it was our desire to involve the community of Magu into the process. It should not be us bringing a new building, better education, new opportunities. It should be a community work. We don‘t want to be the ones coming from Germany bringing all the financial ressources and ideas and then presenting and implementing them. We dont want to continue this way of „help“...



We want to see all children reaching their God given potential, especially in education, being able to contribute to their community, family and country in general. We aspire to provide access to high quality education to children in remote villages through technology.

We want to build an educational community centre near the primary school of Magu and equip it with solar energy and computers. This will give children and young people the opportunity to learn and deepen their knowledge and to reach their full potential.





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