Vital Nsengiyumva

Founder & CEO

Magu taught me how to crawl, walk eat "ibijumba", play "Karere", sheperd cows and carry a jercan of water and balancing skills. Magu taught me to read and write. As a child, I really belonged to the whole community. It indeed takes a village to raise a child. Looking back, I am humbled to realise how much blessed I am and how many opportunities God has graciously bestowed on me. I believe all those blessings are not only for me to enjoy but to share with others and be a channel of blessing, especially towards my young brothers and sisters from my native village who did not have similar chances as I!

Jannik Haenel


Conducting a research about the infrastructure in Magu was a life-changing experience. Having the opportunity to get insight in another culture and the complexity of village life in Magu was and is truly fascinating. I grew up in a big family in Germany. We were taught to care for one another, to share and that God loves everybody alike. The circumstances in Magu are very different from where I grew up, but the love and care that I met is the same. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with the people in Magu to help children to reach their full potential.

Dorrit Nsengiyumva

Public Relations

Social justice is something that has been on my heart since I was a young girl. Grown up in a privileged world, where acces to high quality eduction, financial support and so many other opportunities was a matter of course and on the other side knowing that the biggest part of the world population

can‘t even think of those ressources left me wondering about the big and complex problem of social injustice and my personal resposibility.

I know that we cannot end poverty, but I am determined to use my personal ressources and God given gifts right where I am and where it is needed. I want to be part of what God is doing, and seeing people reaching their full potential.

Jessica Haenel

Training Coordinator

I was privileged to grow up in a big family with parents that encouraged us to dream big, give our best and pray for Gods blessing in it. Seeing the steps that have been taken and seeing the project growing shows me that eQuip Magu is God's project, not ours. I am truly honored that I can be part of God's plan in Magu and contribute my time and strength for the developement of an education concept and for whatever is needed.

Advisory Board Member

When I first met Vital at a Udemy conference in Berlin in 2019 we immediately decided to start Project Magu. Vital’s life story is so inspiring, and we both believe that education can solve every problem in the world. The school that we built in Magu, Rwanda is the first of many schools that we will build together. We agree with Malala when she said, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."

Protogene Bugirimfura

Finance Director in Rwanda

Magu is a village where I was born from. It took me a lot of energy to build confidence in me, when I was coming to Kigali I was shy on almost everything. The mindset that I'm a villager boy affected me a lot. I

could see other young people who were born from cities or wealthy families who were speaking and doing their work in a style with self confidence.

The mindset of being from the village couldn't even allow me to feel free in accessing basic things. For example the first time clicking on a computer, I

could freeze because I was afraid to damage other people's computer. That's one example out of many. 

I believe if I could grow up seeing, touching all these stuff in my village I wouldn't have suffered a lot in building self confidence. But now that I have seen how things work I realized everything is possible. I'm running a business in Kigali and that's

what I wish for my brothers and sisters in my village Magu. I wish to see them with much confidence in themselves, I wish to see them with a changed mind and I believe through eQuip Magu, this will be achieved.

Remy Paul Ayinshuti

Training Coordinator in Rwanda

Born with disability in a hostile environment in Rwanda, a small nation located in east Africa, grown up in a very poor and uneducated family, experiencing a political system with ethnical and social discrimination and bad governance that has led to Genocide against Tutsi of 1994, had made me an advocate for the rights and wellbeing of every human being.

I have a full confidence in breaking this injustice by equipping individuals and communities for their full and sustainable development.

I was privileged to meet this wonderful team who believes in Magu's better future With everyones's contribution we can make this noble vision being achievable.

Thierry Uwitonze


I was raised in a poor family with a single mother, then joined compassion when I was only 6 years old. With compassion I was able to get good education, and after high school graduation I was very fortunate to join University through LDP program.

This is where I met Vital. I did architecture there and now I am a registered architect here in Rwanda practicing architecture with my company "Ingenzi architects".

My whole life has been a contribution from people of God, now that I have something I can contribute, I want to give back to my community, especially to kids whom I was once like. I feel very privileged and thankful to God.

Pacifique Iraguha


Change will not come if we wait for someone else or for an other time.

After getting to Magu and starting to learn the culture in the village, I felt as the right person this place has been waiting for. I am so encouraged with the people and I feel to engage them more and equip them through discipleship as Christ the center of everything and change the mindset and understanding.

Back in my childhood there was a time I needed God's support and after a while God sent a person and my prayer was answered. I say this because no one is fully equipped with everything. We need each other in life. Magu needs me and God willing I will achieve this and I will be happy to see the community grow in new ways.

Nishimwe Clotilde


I was born and I grew up in the rural area of Magu. I know how difficult life is in Magu especially for uneducated people. Many young people in this area drop out from schools due to poverty, long distances on foot to reach schools and so on.

It's an honour for me to be a teacher in this life changing school. I know my students's hard life, so I'm striving to provide quality education that will change their lives for the better.



IBAN: DE87 6012 0500 0004 7887 01


Bank für Sozialwirtschaft



Thankful for:

  • first curriculums are developed
  • building is finished
  • equipment is waiting
  • money is coming in

What's next:

  • starting the school
  • hiring teachers that are dedicated to God and Magu
  • becoming an officially registrated NGO in Rwanda



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